Server description

Minecraft 1.14.4 "Vanilla" Server

Server specifications:

  • keepInventory is off so be accurate
  • difficulty: normal;
  • doFireTick is off and fire not going to burn all you built
  • server whitelisted so you can join only by invitation

Ways to join:


Server updated 07/20/2019

We upgraded to 1.14.4!

Server updated 06/26/2019

We moved our exciting world to 1.14.3!

Server updated 06/13/2019

New world generated and game version changed to 1.14.2

Server whitelisted 01/12/2019

You can send your application using links on this page.

Site opened 01/05/2019

Now it works in test mode.

Server opened 12/22/2018

Moved from realm and started it's activity. Server is not whitelisted and everybody are welcome!

In-game Activity