Server description

Minecraft 1.13.2 "Vanilla" Server

Server specifications:

  • keepInventory is on so your inventory and experience keeps after death;
  • difficulty: normal;
  • mob griefing turned off so creeper would not disturb your buildings but can hurt you.

Installed datapacks:

  • you can skip night by sleeping alone;
  • server has economy. You can buy and sell things, you can earn money (we call it "talons") by killing mobs. You can level up for money. You can even unenchant some useless things to get some enchanted books.

Server whitelisted

Ways to join:


Server whitelisted 12.01.2019

You can send your application using links on this page.

Site opened 05.01.2019

Now it works in test mode.

Server opened 22.12.2018

Moved from realm and started it's activity. Server is not whitelisted and everybody are welcome!

In-game Activity